Awamori event in Itoman

An awamori event is being held today and tomorrow in Itoman to mark the change of name by Masahiro Shuzo Kabushiki Kaisha. The event at the company’s distillery includes shuttle buses to the site, guided tours of the awamori making process, and of course, free samples of awamori as well as free bottles for those attending early. The activities begin at 11 a.m. and go on until 6 p.m. Today’s entertainment concluded with a live show by singer and sanshin player Chiaki of the popular Okinawan duo Shakari.

Some photos from today:

The distillery's shop

The distillery’s shop

Bottles of Masahiro awamori

Bottles of Masahiro awamori

Shakari's Chiaki

Shakari’s Chiaki

Chiaki sings the song for the Masahiro commercial - with the workers

Chiaki (with Masahiro workers) singing the Masahiro commercial song

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One Comment on “Awamori event in Itoman”

  1. Nishi Says:

    There seem to be numerous events like this in this time of the year across the island(s); a friend of mine mentioned he tasted too much *awamori* at the distillery of Chuukoo Shuzoo in Oroku, Naha last weekend. I did not know there were any musical shows like above there, though.

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