Okinawa at the Edinburgh Festival

Okinawan performing arts will return to Scotland this summer at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Last year the ‘Ship of the Ryukyu’ collective of singers and dancers put on several shows of Bottle Mail from Okinawa which was written and produced by Megumi Tomita. This year the theatre company returns to the festival with a 45 minute performance of Okinawa Sansan directed by Haruo Misumi.


In this year’s show “a dazzling mix of folk music, classical Ryukyu Court dances and traditional bingata patterned costumes will transport you to the tropical Okinawa Islands.” The music will include contemporary arrangements of sanshin and violin and promises to give a glimpse into daily life in the ancient Ryukyu Kingdom.

Performances of Okinawa Sansan will start at 15.05 every day from 7th to 29th August at Greenside Venue, Edinburgh. Further details and a video trailer are at the Ship of the Ryukyu website:


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