Pink Dot Okinawa

The third annual Pink Dot Okinawa event will be held in Naha on Sunday 19th July. Its stated purpose is to show solidarity in order to realize a more tolerant and inclusive society for LGBT. The organisers hope that a great number of people will participate from all over Japan as well as from foreign countries.


The event is free to attend and takes place from 13:00 until 18:00 in Tenbusu-mae Square. It will begin with a performance of Okinawan Eisa dance and drums by Nahadaiko. Other music performances will include Naha singer/songwriter Atsuko Hiyajo, Yaeyama singer and sanshin player Kyohei Matsukawa who is from Ishigaki Island, and the Japanese singer EPO who was one of the musicians on the Music from Okinawa CD presented at last year’s WOMEX in Spain.

Further details of the event are on the Pink Dot Okinawa website:


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