Skasti: Maskarak

The nine members of Skasti first met in the town of Zarautz in the Basque province of Gipuzkoa and have been together for a decade this year. Despite this musical longevity they are still a young band and the new album Maskarak (Masks) is their first on the Elkar label. They obviously impressed with their televised show as part of the record company’s Studio Sessions a few months ago and their song ‘Arima ilunen postontzi hauskorra’ was also included on the subsequent live sessions album. A new recording of the same song opens this album.


The Basque Country, just like Okinawa, is host to a great diversity of musical styles. Skasti’s members have evolved together with a passion for music to create an evocative collection of contemporary rock music with a big sound and a strong element of ska, hence the name. The ten compositions on this album (there are nine songs and one instrumental) reveal a powerful rhythmic base and an urgency and intensity of performance. The results are equally good for listening or dancing.

It is most likely in live performance that the band really comes alive, rather like England’s roots big band Bellowhead, though these recordings do a good job of showing off Skasti’s energy and musicianship. Twin vocal duties are shared by Iker Inigo and Xabier Uzin while other band members play guitars, bass, drums, synths, trombone and trumpet. All lyrics are in the Basque language.

Maskarak is released by Elkar.

A video of the song ‘Denboraren giltza’ from the album can be seen here:




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