Sukiyaki Okinawa 2015

The World Music Festival known as Sukiyaki Okinawa begins tomorrow (8th) in Naha with some screenings of roots music documentary films at the Sakurazaka Theatre. The festival continues until the 20th with some live music events at the same venue. There are concerts by Okinawan musicians as well as guests from Mexico, Korea and Mali.


Sukiyaki Okinawa is a small festival but plays a key role in introducing and sharing roots music from Okinawa and the world. The most interesting of all the events on offer is the concert ~Neo Roots Music~ which takes place at Sakurazaka Theatre Hall A on Wednesday 19th August. This features the highly rated BKO Quintet from Mali who recently released their debut album Bamako Today.

Also at the ~Neo Roots Music~ concert will be Yaeyama and Miyako islands duo Sakishima Meeting (Yukito Ara & Isamu Shimoji) who performed at last year’s WOMEX in Spain, and Okinawa’s Maltese Rock an unusual band who were leaders in revitalising the Sakaimachi market area of Naha.

Here is a video of BKO Quintet:


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