Kantuz 1965-2015

As 2015 comes to an end a hugely important 3 CD compilation of Basque songs has just been released. Kantuz 1965-2015 ~ Memoria eta desira has been produced to celebrate 50 years of Basque culture and song and to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the Durango Fair, a large gathering of music, literature and the arts which was held this month in the Spanish Basque Country.

Kantuz is the Euskara word for singing and the three discs offer 50 songs from throughout the half century up to and including this year. The project was produced and coordinated by Anjel Valdés of Elkar whose company has released the album as a hardback book with an introduction by Valdés and with the lyrics of all the songs (in Euskara only) plus the poem ‘Memoria eta desira’ (Memory and desire) by Joseba Sarrionandia.


Valdés writes in his introduction: “Looking back, we realize that today we still have the same dreams as at the beginning. From generation to generation, the themes of the songs remain unchanged. Thus, land, freedom, peace, love, nostalgia and language, among others, are still, as in the beginning, the main source of concern of Basque society, its dreams and the essence of Basque song. Through this album which brings together songs and singers from different times, ages, backgrounds, styles and shapes, we remember that memory, dialogue and communication between different generations are the basic pillars for building our people.”

The three CDs are arranged in roughly chronological order and so the first one, (coloured green) begins with a song by trikitixa trio Tapia, Leturia eta Amuriza and goes on to introduce many other songs by familiar names in Basque music. The second CD (blue) continues this while introducing different styles and themes and the third one (red) brings us right up to date and features several songs from young hard rock guitar bands. Many of the tracks were originally released by Elkar but there is also a large selection of music from other labels.

Three great singers and songwriters who all appear on more than one of the CDs are Mikel Laboa (who died in 2008), Benito Lertxundi and Ruper Ordorika. In fact, the iconic Laboa is on all three discs where he crops up in collaborations with musicians as varied as Ruper Ordorika, enduring folk band Oskorri, the Euskal Herriko Gazte Orkestra & Donostiako Orfeoia, and finally with 1980s radical rockers Kortatu whose singer Fermin Muguruza has another track on the compilation.

Lertxundi’s ‘Baldorba’ is a modern classic and is rightly included in its superb orchestral version and on the third disc there is a gloriously energetic re-imagining of the triki-pop song ‘Amets bat’ by Hesian & Alaitz eta Maider. Most poignant and powerful of all is ‘Gernikan’ sung by the band Ken Zazpi on the second disc. The song refers to the tragic bombing of Gernika and has words by the poet Joseba Sarrionandia who continues to live in exile after escaping from a Spanish prison. These are just a few of the picks on this treasure trove of song.

Kantuz 1965-2015 ~ Memoria eta desira is released by Elkar.


In this short video the CDs and book are introduced by Anjel Valdés:







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