La Yegros: Magnetismo

Magnetismo is the second album by La Yegros (Mariana Yegros) a singer and songwriter from Argentina but currently based in France. La Yegros has become popular as the ‘queen of nu cumbia’ and her songs and music delve into Argentinean and Colombian folk traditions that she mixes with generous doses of accordion, electro beats, and whatever else is to hand. She then serves it up with what’s been called a punk attitude.

The new album is musically varied and impossible to pin down to any dominant style. The recordings are infused with great energy and danceability and La Yegros isn’t afraid to break out into a bit of hip-hop either. She is joined by several well-chosen guests including Argentinean composer Gustavo Santaolalla who plays the Andean stringed instrument ronroco on the album’s catchiest track ‘Chicha Roja’.


Also guesting is the band Lindigo from Reunion Island who add some vocals and maloya rhythms elsewhere. The opening track ‘Magnetismo’ immediately draws us into this world but the fast pace (it also clocks in at just 39 minutes) lets up now and then to reveal some lovely slower melodies too. Most notable among these are the dreamy ‘Hoy’ and the final traditional-sounding ‘Lejos’.

In days gone by we might have had to debate whether this should be filed under pop or roots. Now all that matters is that she has made a fine album which crosses several boundaries with ease.

Magnetismo is released on Soundway Records.

There is an official animated video for the song ‘Chicha Roja’:

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2 Comments on “La Yegros: Magnetismo”

  1. gritsnsushi Says:

    Just going through my unread emails and saw your posting on this. Her sound feels a bit like the early Mano Negra no? I didn’t realize you covered this genre as well!

    • Yes, you’re right. One or two of the songs reminded me of Manu Chao who was a member of Mano Negra. I’m no expert on this genre but I’ll listen to anything that takes my fancy!

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