Tatsumi Chibana: Uminari No Shima

This new two track single is the first release by Okinawa’s Tatsumi Chibana since his successful solo album Atarashii Sekai nearly four years ago. Chibana has been busy in the meantime as both a musical collaborator and producer of other artists.

Unlike his album which had songs with all Japanese lyrics, these songs, ‘Uminari no Shima’ and ‘San’, are mainly sung in the Okinawan language, Uchinaguchi. This wouldn’t be unusual if they were traditional but both are originals written by Chibana with a lively pop and Latin influence.


Chibana is backed by Okinawan band Hikaritokage on guitar, bass, keyboards and drums and their heavy sound is reminiscent of Soul Flower Union. The lyrics of both tracks explore Okinawan issues and identity, and the American bases with all their noise and danger are referenced as well as a plea not to forget the feelings of those who died on these islands in wartime.

While these songs are not as musically adventurous as some on his last album the message is as strong as ever. Let’s hope it’s not too long before he comes up with another full-length recording.

Tatsumi Chibana plays two dates in mainland Japan in July at Tokyo, Ryukyu-kan (28th) and Kanagawa, Okinawa Soba Yuntaku (29th).

Uminari No Shima is released on 13th August by Akagawara.


Here is Tatsumi Chibana’s music video for the song ‘Uminari no Shima’:


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