Niraikanai Matsuri

The Niraikanai Matsuri is a two day festival of music and entertainment directed by Shoukichi Kina. It will be held this week on Saturday (5th) and Sunday (6th) at Ginowan Seaside Park Outdoor Theatre. This is the latest in an intermittent series of Niraikanai festivals organised by Kina over the years and this one is supported by the 6th Worldwide Uchinanchu Festival. Its aim is to showcase the rich and peaceful cultural heritage of the Ryukyu Islands and to provide a “worldwide music celebration for the future”.


Saturday’s programme (15:00~21:00) is billed as a Ryukyu Entertainment Spectacle and will include traditional performing arts, classical Ryukyu music and eisa, while Sunday’s all music event (11:00~21:00) is scheduled as a Celebration Dance Party with artists from many genres. Among those taking part will be Satoru Shimoji and Hidekatsu – and, of course, Shoukichi Kina & Champloose.

Joining from overseas will be the band Mate Power from Germany who are also touring mainland Japan. There will also be a set from Pascal Plantinga who is coming from the Netherlands. Plantinga has collaborated on recordings with Kina and promises to show off some of his “electro-jazz-punk”. Advance tickets are 3,000 yen for one day and 5,500 yen for both days.

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