Laybricks: Take a Rest

Take a Rest is the debut EP from South Korean band Laybricks who are based in Seoul. In fact, the ‘band’ comprises just two members, singer/guitarist Kwangmin Seo and drummer Hyejin Yu. Their music draws more on contemporary British sounds than on their Korean roots and they claim to be inspired by alternative rock.

Since their formation in 2015 they have already played numerous live shows both in their home country and abroad. They were invited to the V-Rox Festival in Vladivostock last year and have also toured widely in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and the UK playing several dates in front of massive festival crowds as well as small audiences at intimate venues.


Most recently they came to Okinawa where they were invited by the ‘Music from Okinawa’ organisers to perform at the music showcase at the Trans Asia Music Meeting last week. The day before their show singer Kwangmin Seo gave a presentation at the meeting in which he spoke of their positive do-it-yourself attitude in going out and playing live and in arranging everything themselves for their tour of the UK.


On the five tracks here, recorded in Seoul, Laybricks show off their versatility with a fine selection of original songs full of colourful, bright shiny melodies and catchy choruses. Even better was the live experience in Okinawa where they scored a big hit with the audience. In an adrenaline-fuelled set Kwangmin Seo’s vocals and guitar were matched all the way by the powerful drumming of Hyejin Yu who excelled with her immense energy and skill.

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