Michael Chapman: 50

50 is a new release that marks half a century of touring and recording by England’s Yorkshire born singer, composer, and master guitarist Michael Chapman. It’s also the first time in his long career that he has recorded an entire album in America. For this he is joined by a small band of musicians including Steve Gunn (who also produced) and Nathan Bowles who plays drums, percussion, piano, organ and some excellent banjo.


The gruff-voiced 76 year old Chapman revisits some of his earlier songs but also includes one or two new ones. The American influence has always been a strong presence in his work so there are no big surprises except for the simple and soon obvious fact that he sounds even better than before. The care and precision with which the other musicians play ensures a thrilling ride and one which is already being hailed as his late career masterwork.

Six years ago he released a double album of guitar instrumentals but this time the focus is entirely on the songs, all written by Chapman. His reworking of ‘The Mallard’ is delicately handled while at the other extreme the ‘The Prospector’ is an epic that almost enters Neil Young territory via Bob Dylan – except that it’s still very much Michael Chapman. There’s no-one quite like him and for this we can be grateful.

Michael Chapman 50 Recordign Session at Black Dirt. Photo By Constance Mensh

Michael Chapman 50 Recording Session at Black Dirt. Photo By Constance Mensh

‘Memphis in Winter’ is typically bleak while ‘Falling from Grace’ is another highlight. But the outstanding song is the album’s final track ‘That Time of Night’ which encompasses far more depth and emotion than its understated words would at first suggest. Going back to record past glories again isn’t always a good idea but in this case it seems somehow justified as the results bring out extra nuances and generally surpass the originals.

It’s as if Chapman has been heading here all his life and his time on the road and all his world weariness culminate among themes of travel, memory, mortality and redemption. 50 is a fine testament to his long-term achievement. The ten track album was recorded in New York and is released as a vinyl LP but is also available as a CD/download with two bonus tracks. He dedicates the album “to all those who didn’t make it this far”.

50 is released by Paradise of Bachelors.


50 album trailer:


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