Oskorri – Xabi Solano – Mikel Urdangarin

Three different but equally important albums from the Basque Country recently arrived in Okinawa from Elkar record company. For more than four decades seminal band Oskorri have been vital exponents of traditional and modern Basque songs and music. Their work bears comparison with the likes of Fairport Convention in England and with Scotland’s Battlefield Band.

In November 2015 they finally decided to call it a day and now their last concert in Bilbao is preserved with the release of Hauxe Da Despedidia – which comes as a hardback book containing essays and many photos from all stages of the band’s history as well as a DVD of the concert and two additional CDs. The first CD is an edited version of the same concert while the second is a 20 track compilation with many rare live and studio recordings from the years 1971~2002.

Among the long list of Oskorri members and collaborators was famed trikitixa star Kepa Junkera and he also appears again on a new album by singer and trikitixa player Xabi Solano who first came to our attention several years ago with the band Etzakit and more recently as the leading member of Esne Beltza who have toured mainland Japan.

His new solo album Erenotzu (released under the name Xabi Solano Maizer) is a varied collection of 15 tracks with some traditional-sounding trikitixa as well as more modern mixes of styles – on ‘Nere mundu polit txiki hontan’ it comes close to the territory of The Pogues. The CD is released separately from the second volume of a new music book containing Solano’s compositions.

Mikel Urdangarin has been praised before on this blog as a great singer as well as a composer of songs. His previous release was a completely solo recording of a live tour. This time he has come up with a new studio album Margolaria recorded with a group of five hand-picked musicians. The most wonderful thing about Urdangarin is his emotional and heartrending vocals and there are some fine songs too among the ten tracks here. Best of all is ‘Itsasoan euria’ and the link below is to a video of its recording in the studio:


All albums are released by Elkar.


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