Soundscape Okinawa

Soundscape Okinawa is an unusual and adventurous production featuring music and sounds at the ancient Ryukyu site of Itokazu Castle in Tamagusuku, Nanjo, in the south-east of Okinawa. The event takes place on the 5th and 6th December from 13:00 until 17:00 each day with the entrance open at 12:00.

Around ten musicians will be taking part and the one most familiar to Power of Okinawa readers is singer and sanshin player Mutsumi Aragaki. However, a wide variety of disparate sounds will be represented and among other musicians will be Jujumo (vocal and guitar), Remi Uehara (cello), Yumi Kano (crystal bowl), and Mutsuko Taira (marimba).

It is planned to present a mixture of concert and ‘exhibition of sounds’ inspired by the location. The Soundscape Okinawa website adds: “Musicians are distributed around the wide area of the gusuku, each creating a distinct sound conceived from a dialogue with their surroundings and their peer musicians. The audience moves freely through a scenery of sounds and spatial situations while constantly assembling and reassembling the sound to create their very own soundscape.”

Further details in English including how to buy tickets can be found here:

There is also a preview video of what to expect:

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